Convention Exhibits

Museum Showcase

Show attendees have the opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful and valuable coins, paper money and related numismatic treasures not seen anywhere else. Collector-produced exhibits are among the most popular features at every show, with the individual creativity rivaled only by the quality and variety of the items on display. The Museum Showcase features rare and historic items from the ANA’s Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colo., and includes:

1913 Liberty Head Nickel  & 1804 Draped Bust Dollar

On display are the Money Museum’s 1913 Liberty Head nickel, one of a mere five struck, and the 1804 silver dollar—the “King of Coins”—of which only fifteen are known.

1792 Half Disme

The first coins ever produced by the U.S. Mint were struck at the request of President George Washington. These 1,500 half dismes were made in a basement close to the minting facility that was under construction in Philadelphia and featured a portrait of Liberty, which legend says was modeled after Martha Washington. This rare and historic specimen is displayed courtesy of Brian Hendelson.

Error Notes

This showcase offers a selection of spectacular printing errors in the ANA’s signature Bebee Collection of U.S. Paper Money. As currency is produced, a variety of mistakes can occur, among them double denominations, improper alignment, inverted backs, seal overprints, and misaligned or missing serial numbers.

$50 Half Union

In 1854 a proposal for a U.S. $50 gold piece was sent to Secretary of the Treasury James Guthrie by a group of San Francisco businessmen.  The idea was that the large denomination coin would facilitate trade in California since they had no paper currency in circulation. It was modified to include a $100 piece (the “Union”) and California Senator William Gwin introduced a measure that was passed by the Senate and defeated in the House in late 1854.  The concept of a Federal $50 coin was shelved for 23 years – until Mint Director Henry Linderman had patterns made for the half Union piece in gold and copper, apparently as part of his proposal in the 1877 Mint Annual Report to put the U.S. on the gold standard. Struck in 1877, this stunning specimen is part of the Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection.

World War I Victory Medals

Issued by the Allied nations and presented to the veterans of the "War to End All Wars".

Collector Exhibits

The Collector Exhibits at ANA Conventions is one of the best attended and most interesting parts of the show. There are educational displays on every area of numismatics from ancient coins and artifacts, tokens and medals, world coins, to modern United States coins and paper money. The individual creativity is rivaled only by the quality and variety of the items on display. Each display invites the viewer to Discover and Explore the World of Money.

Members are invited to share their knowledge, research, creativity and collections with other members and the general public at ANA's annual conventions by preparing and displaying a numismatic exhibit. Exhibits are divided into one of three groups:

  • Competitive: exhibits that are placed in classes according their content and theme. They are carefully evaluated by a team of dedicated judges, awarded points in areas such as "Numismatic Information," "Presentation" or "Degree of Difficulty" and compete for individual awards. Most exhibits on display fit into this category.
  • Non-competitive: exhibits that are not judged and not eligible for awards (except the People's Choice Award). ANA staff and convention officials may exhibit in this group.
  • Marquee: invitational, non-competitive, non-conforming exhibits that are used to enhance the exhibit area. This group includes exhibits from the ANA Money Museum.
Click here to view the 2016 Howland Wood Memorial Award for Best-of-Show Exhibit 

Who to contact with questions:

Chief Judge: Joseph E. Boling
(317) 894-2506

National Exhibits Coordinator: Mark Lighterman
(407) 688-7006

ANA Exhibit Coordinator

Submitting An Exhibit Application

In order to place an exhibit, members must read, understand and agree to abide by the rules of exhibiting and submit a completed application to the ANA Exhibit Coordinator by the deadline printed on the application.

Submit exhibit applications to:
American Numismatic Association
Attention: Exhibit Coordinator
818 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: (719) 482-9849
Fax: (719) 482-9882