World War II Short Snorter Display

A 64-foot-long display of “short snorter” banknotes autographed by World War II-era dignitaries will be on display during the National Money Show. The exhibit, courtesy of the nonprofit Short Snorter Project, features over 1,300 signatures, including hundreds of VIPs, generals, admirals, presidents, prime ministers and ambassadors.

“This exhibit includes signatures from the short snorter collection of Air Force Major General Clayton Lawrence Bissell (1893-1972) featured on an episode of the popular television program Pawn Stars. There are 294 signatures of World War II admirals and generals, 17 presidents and prime ministers, and 37 ambassadors in the Bissell Collection. Jeff Garrett, a past president of the ANA, is loaning the collection for the World War II-era banknotes display at the 2024 National Money Show,” said Tom Sparks, founder of The Short Snorter Project.

According to Sparks, autographs on the notes include U.S. Presidents Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Dwight D. Eisenhower when he was an active duty General, as well as presidents of eight other countries. Prime Minister’s signatures include Britain’s Winston Churchill.

The exhibit will be in Bartolin Hall at The Broadmoor Resort, 1 Lake Ave. in Colorado Springs.

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