Sundman Lecture Series

During this year’s Sundman Lecture Series, Aug. 9, hobby leaders will discuss a range of topics focusing on the theme, “The Numismatics of Nation Building; Money, Medals, Tokens and National Identity.”

The Numismatics of Nation Building; How Money, Medals & Tokens Are Used to Create National Identity

Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2023 @ Pittsburgh World’s Fair of Money®


10am – Dennis Tucker

“Changing German National Identity in Royal and Imperial Medallic Sculpture”

Bio: Dennis Tucker is a life member of the ANA, secretary pro tem of the Rittenhouse Society, a fellow of the Academy of Political Science, and an active member of the Philippine Collectors Forum. His book American Gold and Silver: U.S. Mint Collector and Investor Coins and Medals, Bicentennial to Date won an “Extraordinary Merit” award from the Numismatic Literary Guild. As publisher at Whitman Publishing, he has worked on hundreds of books on numismatics, military history, and other nonfiction subjects. Since 2016 he has served the U.S. Treasury Department as the numismatic specialist of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

11:15am – Dr. Jesse Kraft

“Building a National Identity through ‘The Noble Savage’: Native American Representation in United States Numismatics”

Bio: Jesse Kraft, Ph.D is the Resolute Americana Assistant Curator at the American Numismatic Society, where his duties include overseeing the collection of coins, tokens, medals, and paper currencies from all of the Western Hemisphere, and also serves on the Editorial Committee for the Journal of Early American Numismatics, published by the ANS. He is currently the Treasurer for the International Council of Money and Banking Museums (ICOMON), and a member of many other numismatics clubs and institutions. 

2pm – Michael Shutterly

“National Personifications in Numismatics”

Bio: Michael T. Shutterly is a recovering lawyer who formerly worked in the financial services world, specializing in anti-money laundering and consumer protection. He is now a coin collector, exhibitor, writer and presenter, specializing in Byzantine, early Medieval and Roman Republican coinage, and also Hungarian hyper-inflation currency.  An ANA Life member, he is also a member of more than a dozen coin clubs – national, regional and local – several of which for some reason allow him to serve as an officer or director. He received a BA in Physiological Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Boston University.

3:15pm – Oded Paz

“Elongated Coins – a Mirror into U.S. and World History”

Bio: Born in Israel in 1963, I’ve been a numismatist since I can remember, sorting out coins with my father, when he returned from his numerous travels around the world. When we moved from Israel to the USA in 1999, I began collecting more seriously, focusing mostly on world coins, and various exonumia, including anything with Lincoln, Owls, Pop-Out coins and Elongated Coins, to name a few. 

Elongated Coins have become a major part of my interests, and I currently have over 50,000 in my still growing collection.  My Elongated Coins collection spans the globe and time, starting with the first Elongates, made at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, to more recent coins with current events, such as the coronavirus pandemic, as will be shown at my presentation.

I have served as an officer of many California, Idaho, national and international Numismatic Clubs, including the President of TEC, The Elongated Collectors.

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