2024 World’s Fair of Money® Money Talks Schedule

Money Talks are free 30- to 45-minute educational presentations by some of the hobby’s most noted authorities.

Programs are offered Thursday and Friday, August 8-9, in Room 4 of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

The Great German Hyperinflation of the Early 1920s as Depicted by Karl Goetz (Kurt Hyde) — Thursday 8/8 @ 9am

This presentation discusses how the renowned medalist Karl Goetz created a range of medals capturing significant events of Germany’s hyperinflation in the early 1920s. These include pieces criticizing the Treaty of Versailles and “Vater Staat,” which depicted the exorbitant prices of essential goods.

Kurt Hyde’s numismatic journey began with collecting Lincoln cents in his youth. Today, Hyde finds joy in crafting his own collections, focusing on Karl Goetz medals with personalized historical themes.

Allan J. Behul:  The History & Significance of Postal & Fractional Currency (Jenise Borrasso) — Thursday 8/8 @ 10am

Did you know that during the Civil War era there was a coin shortage? Postage stamps were printed on bank notes and deemed postal or fractional currency. This talk explores the fascinating history of how, for a time, a postage stamp became a spendable currency.

Jenise Borrasso is a current student of the ANA’s Numismatic Diploma Program. She’s presented three NumismaTalks on the history of the Lincoln cent, the Jefferson nickel, and the Roosevelt dime, and written three articles for the ANA’s Reading Room.

Sir Winston Churchill in Numismatics (John Csaszar) —  Thursday 8/8 @ 11am

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s birth. This presentation discusses his well known and lesser-known traits and a sample of the range of collectable Churchill numismatic items.

John Csaszar has written multiple articles for the CANADIAN NUMISMATIC JOURNAL and is an award-winning exhibitor. An active volunteer with the youth coin program in Canada, he lives in Toronto and is president of the Scarborough Coin Club.

An Overview of Ancient Mint Error Coins (Mark Wieclaw) — Thursday 8/8 @ Noon

The majority of coins minted prior to A.D. 1500 were struck by hand. Errors probably occurred regularly; however, only a few pieces exist today. This presentation looks at a variety of errors and how they happened. A couple of coins even come with fascinating stories.

Mark Wieclaw has entered and judged educational exhibits and spoken at various conventions on local, state, regional, and national levels. He’s a proud life member of several numismatic associations. Wieclaw has been honored with two ANA Presidential Awards (1999 and 2013) and the Krause Numismatic Ambassador honor in 2001.

Silver Coinage of the Tetrarchy: All Hail the Argenteus! (Kirk Van Brunt) — Thursday 8/8 @ 1pm

Diocletian is famous for many accomplishments, one of which was the creation of the Tetrarchy. Another was the resurrection of high quality silver coins in the form of the Argenteus. Why? What was the emperor thinking? This presentation explores this question and examines the history and purpose behind the coin. The Argenteus was not only a surprising pivot back to the silver coinage of old, but it signaled an interesting shift in the art and portraiture on Roman coins. For the collector, though, the Argenteus presents a confusing array of types, mints, and rarities. This presentation will attempt to bring some order to the chaos and hopefully ignite renewed appreciation and respect for this often underappreciated coin.

Kirk has been an active collector since fourth grade. Now a dealer, he is the face behind Argenteus Rare Coins. A Harvard-trained lawyer, he did a stint at Harvard Divinity School, where he developed a life-long interest in early Christian history and a fascination with the Emperor Diocletian. As a dealer, one of his specialties is ancient coins, Roman coinage in particular, and he enjoys the opportunity that this area of numismatics gives to use his knowledge of Latin and Greek. Widely published in the legal realm, he is also the author of several fiction novels. 

Ten (or So) Trends that Are Shaping the Coin Hobby Today (Steve Roach)— Thursday 8/8 @ 2pm

Steve Roach will lead a lively discussion about some of the biggest trends in coin collecting and the rare-coin market. The presentation also examines how the stories making news today might impact the way we collect coins tomorrow.

Steve Roach is a lifelong coin collector and editor-at-large of COIN WORLD, the world’s largest coin hobby publication.

Zeppelins and the Great War: A Medallic History of German Military Airships in World War I (Michael A. Kodysz) — Thursday 8/8 @ 3pm

This presentation explores the pivotal role of zeppelins in World War I, from its prelude to the devastating air battles. Wartime medals and British trench art illustrate the grim realities of zeppelin warfare, which shaped the modern concept of total war.

Michael A. Kodysz has collected ancient Roman coins for over 20 years. He won the Howland Wood Memorial Award for Best-of-Show Exhibit at the ANA World’s Fair of Money® in 2019 and 2021.

Gods, Goddesses & Mythical Creatures in Numismatics (A. Ronald Sirna) — Thursday 8/8 @ 4pm

Gods, goddesses, and mythical animals have appeared on coins since antiquity, and continuously on coins, tokens, and medals since that time. This talk is an overview of the various motifs depicted on various numismatic items over the past 2,500 years.

A. Ronald Sirna has served as the former general counsel for both the ANA and CSNS. He has been a dealer since the mid 1980s.

Monies Used at Japanese American Internment Camps (Steve and Ray Feller) — Friday 8/9 @ 9am

Little has been written about the numismatic remainders of the assembly centers and relocation camps for Japanese Americans in World War II. The present research has uncovered numerous monetary items from these camps, including paper scrip, event tickets, clothing and other commodity coupons, tokens, lottery tickets, and co-op receipts. (This talk was made possible by research supported by the Newman Numismatic Portal.)

Ray and Steve Feller are numismatists whose focus has been on camp monies of World War II. Ray is an associate dean of student support services at MIT, and Steve teaches physics at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They are authors of the book SILENT WITNESSES: CIVILIAN CAMP MONEY OF WWII.

Collecting Coin of the Year Award Winners (Donald Scarinci) — Friday 8/9 @ 10am

World mints issue between 2,200 and 2,500 coins each year. Over the past 44 years, approximately 350 of these coins have been recognized by the Coin of the Year judges. Collecting these award-winning pieces creates an attractive and meaningful sampling of the very best releases.

Donald Scarinci is one of the nominators for the Coin of the Year award. He has provided his expertise in coin design to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee since 2007.

The Numismatic Pieces at the Museo Banco de México (Alberto Quintero) — Friday 8/9 @ 11am

The presentation focuses on the relationship between the numismatic items from the Banco de México’s Numismatic Collection and the thematic and museological narratives of the museum the Banco de México established in 2021. It explores the processes involved in preparing, handling, and exhibiting these pieces, along with the accompanying narratives.

Since 2013, Alberto Quintero has worked at the Banco de México, specifically with its numismatic collection. During this time, he has served as a communicator for the numismatic collection, contributing to exhibitions, presentations, courses, and publications featured in institutional books.

A Short History of the Suez Canal as Told by Coins, Tokens & Medals (Gamal Amer, Ph.D.)— Friday 8/9 @ Noon

This talk uses coins, tokens, and medals from the speaker’s collection to tell the story of the Suez Canal from 1859 to the present.

Gamal Amer has collected coins, bank notes, and medals from an early age. He is a board member of several clubs and has published several articles on a range of numismatic subjects.

Exploring the Universe of Collecting Exonumia—French Medals and Jetons (James V. Burdick) — Friday 8/9 @ 1pm

This presentation demonstrates how exonumia is used to preserve history. The speaker shows a collection of top examples of Napoleonic-era medals and jetons (tokens) displaying various engraving and casting techniques. Learn how to spot new collecting opportunities outside of mainstream coins.

Jim Burdick has been collecting since he learned about coins while earning a Boy Scout merit badge and then inherited a small collection from his grandfather. A business leader by day, he has been studying the numismatic markets for over 20 years.

Parthia: The Forgotten Empire (Douglas Mudd) — Friday 8/9 @ 2pm

The Parthians built an empire that, at its height, presented Rome with a serious challenge for control of the Middle East. It was the only civilized power that was able to withstand the might of Rome—some of the greatest defeats ever experienced by the vaunted Roman legions were at the hands of the dreaded Parthian horse-archers and cataphracts.

Douglas Mudd is the curator/director of the American Numismatic Association’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs. He is responsible for developing and planning the content of the Museum’s exhibition program and the organization and care of the ANA collections.

Newark Hybrid: A Numismatic Anomaly from the English Civil War (Lawrence C. Korchnak, Ph.D.) — Friday 8/9 @ 3pm

This presentation, based on Korchnak’s article of the same name published in British Coin News, is a study of coin minting during the English Civil War in the city of Newark. It focuses on the discovery of a previously unknown error: a Newark shilling struck on a ninepence planchet. The talk examines the variables that affect the minting process in times of conflict, which were used to authenticate the coin in question.

Dr. Lawrence C. Korchnak, ANA life member, is a lifetime numismatist and educator. His most recent work, SIEGE COINS OF THE WORLD, 1453- 1902, received the “Best Specialized Book, World Coins” award from the Numismatic Literary Guild in 2022.

The Fugio Cent—First U.S. Coin (Pierre Fricke) — Friday 8/9 @ 4pm

This talk examines what Fugio cents are, how they came about, and the story behind their creation and use in circulation. This presentation reviews the government and private mint officials involved, and it also provides information on how to collect these pieces and the current market.

Pierre Fricke collects early American large cents and Bust half dollars. He has also delved into Confederate fiscal paper and published acclaimed books on the topic. With over 50 years of collecting experience and 20 years as a dealer, he is a respected figure in the numismatic community.

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