Money Museum Showcase Highlights

Show attendees have the opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful and valuable coins, paper money and related numismatic treasures not seen anywhere else. The Museum Showcase features rare and historic items from the ANA’s Money Museum and items generously lent to the ANA from private collections.


1933 Eagle

The United States Mint produced 312,500 gold Eagles in 1933; however, fewer than 40 are known to survive today. The display at the 2023 National Money Show will be a rare public appearance for this historic coin designed by acclaimed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

1933 eagle

1943 Bronze Cent Error

Visitors can see for a unique World War II era Lincoln cent made in 1943 of bronze alloy, rather than zinc-coated steel to conserve copper, that sold for more than $1 million.

1943 error lincoln cent

1944 Zinc-plated Steel Cent Error

Though not as well known, 1944 steel cents errors are also quite rare with perhaps 35 examples in existence from all mints. 

1944 lincoln cent

The First U.S. Cents

A spectacular display of the first cent coins of the United States, from the Fugio cent of 1787 to the large Liberty head cents issued from 1793 to 1799 representing the US Mint’s earliest coins.

america's first cents


The First U.S. Dimes

The United States Mint began operations in 1792 with experimental strikes of a limited number of coins.  It did not issue a full range of authorized denominations until 1796 – the year the first dimes were put into circulation.  This display features three 1796 and 1797 dimes showing the small eagle variety issued only in those two years – thus representing the first regular-issue dimes of the United States.

1796 dime

Lesher Dollars

A display of Colorado currency including a selection of early Colorado National Bank notes along with a set of the famous Lesher dollars, created in the mining town of Victor in the Cripple Creek mining district by silver-mine owner Joseph Lesher. 
Lesher Dollars (2)

Display of Bank of the United States (1st, 2nd and 3rd banks; 1792-1841) notes and checks

Including checks signed by Winfield Scott.

1a-2023.0019.0213B - $100

2-2023.0019.0001 - 1797 $5